Fall in Sedona

Everyone has their favorite season. Some people love icy winter nights; some people love sweltering summer days. There are many reasons to love every season, and Sedona is an amazing place to see all of them! With an eclectic combination of both outdoor and indoor events, there is always something for everyone. As you gear up for fall fun in your hometown, start planning a weekend trip to Sedona to soak in all the fall colors and adventures that Oak Creek Canyon has to offer.

One of the most popular activities in Sedona no matter the season is hiking. With a network of nearly endless trails, there is definitely way too much to see in one visit. Depending on what kind of adventure you are looking for, different trails offer wildly varied views and challenges. Some of the best landscape views require a bit more of a trek than most people want to take on their vacations. Fortunately, if you are interested in taking in the fall colors, you do not have to look very far. Check out this listing of the 5 best fall-color hikes in Sedona to pick out your favorite. Even these shorter hikes can be too much for people without the time or ability to scramble around in the desert. Luckily, much of Sedona’s fall beauty can also been seen from the road. Check out these examples of scenic Sedona drives to pick the route that is best for you.

After spending the day admiring Sedona’s beauty, it is time to indulge. A personal favorite restaurant is the Sedona Pizza Company, due to their high-quality authentic Italian food and great location. There are also steakhouses and barbeque places scattered everywhere in Sedona and the surrounding area, as well as health and diet-conscious locations. For folks looking for a drink, most restaurants also offer beer on tap and local wines. While not as popular as restaurants, there are also some bars in the area. There are more dining options in Sedona than anyone could hope to do justice to in a single article, so pick your own favorite from this list.

After a long day of sightseeing and excitement, staying at the right place is crucial. While there is camping in the area, it becomes more and more difficult as the winter rolls in. Local hotels are usually the best combination of comfortable and economic. No matter what kind of fall trip you want to have, the Arroyo Pinon Hotel is perfectly located for food and exploration. Start planning your Sedona adventure today!


Sedona Plein Air Festival

Sedona Plein Air Festival

Oak Creek Canyon has been many things to many different people. Long before Europeans even considered the existence of this continent, it was home to countless groups of Native Americans. While some tribes seemed to have settled for a while in the valley, most of them appeared to use the area seasonally. As the United States expanded, the Tonto Apache peoples clashed with soldiers and settlers. By 1875, the last of the Native Americans were captured by the soldiers of Fort Verde, now Camp Verde. Settlers trickled in, slowly at first, until roads and irrigation systems were installed. Once word of the area’s natural beauty and thriving crops and orchards spread, homesteaders began to arrive in earnest. In 1902, with the installment of a post office in the back of a family home, the area officially became Sedona.

Sedona’s popularity has only grown since then. Now the second most visited tourist destination in Arizona, behind the infamous Grand Canyon, Sedona is still known first and foremost for its beauty. The towering red rocks contrast with the crisp blue sky; desert plants are explosions of green in the red-brown palette of the surrounding dust. It is nearly impossible to capture the expanse of nature, but some incredible artists do an amazing job in their landscape paintings. In recent years, the Sedona Arts Center has put together an amazing homage to this great artists.

The Sedona Plein Air Festival is a week long event that celebrates Sedona’s natural beauty as well as world-renowned artists. Over two dozen master painters are participating in the event, hosting workshops as well as free events. During some of these events, the public is invited to observe these artists in action. There will be times throughout the week where painters will set themselves up in a variety of locations and work. A respectful audience is encouraged to watch as these masters paint rivers, standing water, animals, and most of all, landscapes. There will also be talks done by most of the artists, discussing their personal journeys with their art and often some tips and tricks. There are also an abundance of paid workshops for the amateur artist looking to improve, or a beginner just looking for an introduction. Art will also be for sale throughout the week. On the final day of the event, the public will have the opportunity to purchase pieces that were created during the week.

Sedona’s natural beauty can become addicting. The best way to see it is often during hikes or jeep adventures, but a quiet moment by a stream can be just as breathtaking. Local hotels, such as the Arroyo Pinon Hotel, have lots of suggestions of places to paint, as well as the well-known hiking and adventuring that keeps everyone coming back to Sedona.

Eventful October Weekend in Sedona

There is magic in the air in October. Whether or not you believe in witches and ghosts, the childish excitement for candy and late night adventure sweeps you up with everyone else. And anyone who has ever been will tell you that there is something special about Sedona. You don’t have to believe in vortexes and crystals to feel the calm and quiet that comes when you stay in Sedona. Halloween in Sedona combines season and location to make a truly magical day. Thanks to Sedona’s warm fall weather, October is the perfect time for families to take a weekend vacation to admire what Oak Creek Canyon has to offer. Simply spending time with each other  is often the best way to spend a holiday. While Sedona’s trail system is always an amazing way to enjoy nature, there are also lots of special events in October.

The first event in Sedona is on October 21st. The Fall Arts & Crafts Fair is an annual event full of local artists & crafters, some of whom only sell at this show. Everything sold at the show is  handmade, including pottery, jewelry, and much more. Lunch will be served; there will also be homemade baked goods available as supplies last. This amazing show has unique items such as stained glass, fiber art, lotions, and soaps. Get a jump start on your holiday shopping with photographic prints of Sedona’s natural splendor. Best of all, this event is free to attend!

The following day, Sunday the 22nd, is the Pumpkin Splash (pictured). This family centered event is fun for all ages. The Sedona Community Pool is hosting this pumpkin-packed party. Games will include bobbing for apples, pumpkin bowling, pumpkin golf, and a scarecrow throw. Stay until the end for the special Trunk or Treat activity. Join your friends at the best pumpkin patch in Sedona! Admission is five dollars and tickets can be purchased ahead of time through the local Parks and Recreations department. See the above link for more information.

The weekend of the 21st and the 22nd is looking to be an eventful adventure for parents and kids alike. However, if you are from out of town, even getting to Sedona can be quite the adventure. Quality accommodations are also difficult to find on a budget. The Arroyo Pinion Hotel is conveniently located, comfortable, and affordable. Please see the website for more information.

Top 4 Animals to See in Sedona

Javelina, the Collared Peccary in Sedona Arizona.

Sedona has an incredibly unique natural history, thanks to Oak Creek’s wonderful diversity. Plants reign supreme in the area, with hundreds of different species living in every nook and cranny. Trails stretch for miles throughout Sedona’s majestic landscapes, providing easy access to the great outdoors. There are also many different nature walks hosted by a variety of companies for any tourist looking for an informative hike. For folks who can’t hike or simply don’t have the time, there are many small parking lots along the side of the road that can be easily stopped at for a quick peek at the natural splendor.

While plants has definitely taken their place in the heart of Sedona, the area is also full of animals! Here are the top four animals to watch for during your time in Sedona.

4: Rattlesnakes

Keep a sharp eye out for these guys! A couple different species of rattlesnakes call Sedona home, including the the black-tailed rattlesnake, the prairie rattlesnake, and the diamondback rattlesnake. While these species all look somewhat different, they are all solitary creatures who avoid humans as much as possible. They will rattle if another creature gets too close, so listen carefully when out hiking, especially around rocks or crevices where the snakes live. Do not approach any rattlesnake you might see on your adventures in Sedona.


3: Bobcats

These fuzzy animals might look like your housecat from afar, but their small bodies pack a big punch. Usually about two feet tall, bobcats are nocturnal and therefore usually seen at dawn or dusk. They usually avoid contact with humans, but do not seem overly afraid of us. Some Sedona residents find them lurking around their backyards, looking for rodents who are in turn attracted to humans and our food.


2: Mule Deer

Mule Deer are often seen in Sedona’s open fields and meadows. Herds of the animals travel together, making for a beautiful sight when they all run together. Babies can also often be seen during some months. While white-tailed deer can also be seen in Sedona, mule deer are often larger and easily distinguishable by their large mule-like ears.


1: Javelinas

These frisky peccaries often startle tourists who aren’t expecting wild pigs to be roaming in Sedona. Only distantly related to domestic pigs, javelinas can be found all over Arizona and Sedona is no exception. Often out at dusk, these cute creatures are easily alarmed and charge when they feel threatened. Never approach a javelina, no matter how sweet they may appear. Their hair is actually quite bristly and while they rarely make contact with people, being charged by a wild animal is never fun.

There are many more animals besides the ones mentioned on this list and they are best seen in their natural habitat. Local hotels such as the Arroyo Pinon Hotel are perfectly located for animal watching!


The History of Sedona

Sedona is known for its grand views and mystical connections and has been for many years. Originally, it was an incredibly rural ranching community known mostly for its natural beauty. Once that beauty became known throughout the motion picture industry, Sedona’s popularity skyrocketed. The city of Sedona was officially incorporated in 1988 but its history began years before. Native Americans had been living in the area since the year 900, building pueblos and farming. Evidence of many different tribes has been found in the area, including the Sinagua, Yavapai, and Apache peoples. However, this idyllic canyon was not spared the tragic sweeping invasion of Europeans. The very first Europeans arrived in 1583 in search of gold. By 1875, the soldiers of Fort Verde, now Camp Verde, captured the last group of Tonto Apache Native Americans in the area, the others either gone or also captured.

The story of Sedona as we known it actually begins in Oak Creek Canyon. The very first white settler there was a man named J.J. Thompson, who claimed land under the 1862 Homestead Act. In 1876, Thompson took squatters rights to a parcel of land across from today’s Indian Gardens Store. Once Tompson explored his land, he found a deserted Native American garden and a healthy spring, which encouraged him to build there. Originally called Indian Gardens Ranch, the name was later shortened to Indian Gardens. After Thompson homesteaded in the canyon, more settlers followed. The Abraham family became the first residents of this small community, taking land just south of J.J. Thompson’s property. The small family of three, husband, wife, and child arrived in 1879. James Abraham is credited with naming many of Sedona’s most well known geographical features. According to old records, he named Bell Rock, Steamboat Rock, Court Rock and Church Rock. It wasn’t until years later that Court Rock and Church Rock became Courthouse Rock and Cathedral Rock. With an increased population and therefore more manpower, the settlers were able to create irrigation to plant crops and orchards. The irrigation system used by these settlers is credited to Frank Pendley. Pendley’s engineering skills made him so successful that his produce was sold at markets all the way in Los Angeles. His irrigation system still stands today at Slide Rock State Park.

In late 1901, T.C. Schnebly and his wife Sedona built a large home near modern day Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village.Not long after they arrived, residents of the small settlement began complaining to the Schneblys about poor mail service. Upon hearing this, T.C filed an application for the establishment of a post office in his home. The need for a post office was undeniable; the naming of the place proved to be challenging. T.C. reportedly suggested calling the post office Schnebly Station, then Red Rock Crossing and even Oak Creek Station.

These names were apparently not accepted by the government because they were too long. The story goes that T.C’s brother, Dorsey Ellsworth, suggested submitting the name of T.C’s wife. Postal officials approved the name Sedona, and on June 26, 1902, the post office was established in the back of the Schnebly home.

Many of these historical sites are still standing today and can be visited. There are too many sights to possibly see in a day; an entire weekend can easily be spent adventuring in Old Sedona. Local hotels, such as the Arroyo Pinon Hotel, are the best choices for tourists looking for an authentic trip.

Sedona Wine Tours


Tourism has always been a part of Sedona since its gorgeous scenery first appeared in movies in 1923. Wine tourism, also known as Enotourism, made its appearance in Sedona much later but remains incredibly popular. Wine tours are widely considered to have began in the Napa Valley region of California, gaining popularity in 1975. These tours usually feature information on the winery and their process, tastings of their wines, and picnic style snacks. As always, Sedona’s unique style of tourism makes their tours special in their own right.

For folks looking for a personalized experience, some places, such as The Art of Wine, are single locations featuring an intimate tasting room, selections of both local wines, and education from the staff. The Art of Wine in particular offers lots of education and conversation, promising a personal and engaging experience. For people looking for a chance to see the landscapes and make some new friends, places such as Arizona Winery Tours and Wine Tours of Sedona offer group transportation to multiple different wineries. These tours allow you to soak up some of Sedona’s best sights as you are driven through the countryside, stopping at three to four different wineries throughout the day. The drivers are equipped with information and advice and the staff at the locations are available to answer any specific questions.

For anyone looking for the ultimate intimate tour, Sedona Wine Adventures offers private, personalized, everything-included outings to wineries and tasting rooms throughout the Verde Valley. Their tours include a dedicated guide, lunch, and all tasting rooms fees. They also provide door-to-door transportation. The Arroyo Pinion Hotel is perfectly located for a fun, exciting adventure throughout Sedona’s wineries.

Mountain Biking in Sedona


Sedona has always been known as one of the most beautiful places in Arizona. With towers of red rocks scraping the sky and the multitude of plants and animals covering the ground, it is no surprise that this place holds spiritual significance for many people. Crystal shops are scattered up and down the streets, attracting believers and skeptics alike. A plethora of possible outdoor activities are also advertised in abundance. Jeep tours, hiking, and horseback riding are some of the most popular. But Sedona has much more to offer than the expected. One of the less known but still incredibly popular pastimes in Sedona is mountain biking. While mountain biking originated in Marin County, California, Arizona’s diverse landscapes are perfect for the sport and Sedona is no exception.

With relatively short ascents and incredible trail riding, the terrain is perfect for all experience levels. The same trail can change from fast and flowy riding to steep technical climbs in a matter of minutes. The scenery also varies as the trail passes through different elevations and ecosystems. One loop can take the rider from loose desert dust to hard-packed forest floors.

One of the most popular trails in Sedona is Bell Rock Pathway. This trail is “groomed”, or regularly taken care of, and is perfect not only for beginner bikers, but also families looking to enjoy nature together. Known as Sedona’s easiest trail, it is also good for the sport or semi-professional rider looking to work on their endurance. Other trails, such as Chuck Wagon or the Soldier Wash trails, are for newer riders looking for a challenge, or experienced riders looking for flowy trails and amazing views. Some trails offer different variations depending on rider ability. Mescal Trail offers two such options: difficult and extreme. Hangover Trail, widely considered the most famous trail in Sedona, is also the most technical. Beautiful views compete with heart-stopping drops. The fear is not unwarranted; the trail hugs multiple high-consequence edges throughout the short ride.

And those are just the marked trails. With some luck, a polite rider might get one of the local shops to point out hidden trails with their own special challenges. Over the Edge is a popular bike shop in town known for friendly staff and useful tips. They have rental bikes as well for people who do not have their own or are looking to rent something different. Absolute Bikes Sedona and The Fat Bike Tire Shop also offer rentals and advice. Everyone has their own favorite trails and it is easy to fill a weekend with adventure. Staying at local hotels such as Arroyo Pinion Hotel gives you easy access to everything Sedona has to offer. From flowy to sketchy, Sedona has something for everyone.

Fall/Winter Events in Sedona, Arizona!

Sedona Arizona Events


#Sedona has experienced the best #monsoon season it has ever seen in over 20 years!

Now is the time to hike and explore Sedona, Arizona. Oak Creek parks and hiking trails are OPEN!


October 11-12:

SEDONA ARTS FESTIVAL– held on the campus of #SedonaRedRock High School, 995 Upper Red Rock Loop Road.  A favorite in the Southwest, the festival showcases 126 juried artists, the Gourmet Gallery, the Guest Gallery (featuring an international guest artist) and KidZone, as well as great music, food, and raffle prizes. Admission fee supports arts education in our community.


October 18:

SEDONA MAIN STREET PAINT OUT– Sedona Main Street Paint Out is Saturday October 18 from 1:30 – 4:00 p.m. See thirty nationally recognized Plein Air Artists along sidewalks and plazas in Uptown, each completing a painting in 2 ½ hours. Free event sponsored by Sedona Main Street Program and presented with #SedonaArtsCenter.

PUMPKIN SPLASH– On October 18 from 1:00 – 3:00 p.m., $3/person through the gate. It’s a pumpkin patch in the pool! Games on deck, super glow bat cave, pumpkin bowling, bat toss! Jump in the water to pick your pumpkin, #pumpkin decorating on deck, pumpkin bounce house and caramel apple bar! So much packed into a fun afternoon! Pre-purchase tickets. www.SedonaAZ.gov/Parks

October 18-25:

SEDONA PLEIN AIR FESTIVAL- 30 Award-winning contemporary artists paint the landscape “en-plein air.” They come from all over the United States to spend seven days painting outdoors, and to share their incredible talent and unique experiences with this challenging art form. Workshops, Paint-Outs, Historic Events, Native American Celebration, Plein Air Gallery and more. Presented by Sedona Arts Center 928-282-3809 www.SedonaPleinAirFestival.org

October 25:

RED ROCKS OKTOBERFEST– The Rotary Club of Sedona Red Rocks is hosting the #RedRocks #Oktoberfest on October 25, 2014 at Los Abrigados #Creekside park. This traditional German celebration features 10+ local brewers showcasing their finest beers. Tickets are $25 per person and all proceeds support the club’s mission of supporting children’s charities. www.RedRocksOktoberfest.com

October 31:

28th ANNUAL SAFE & FUN TRICK OR TREAT– Held October 31 from 5:00 – 8:00 p.m. Merchants welcome ghouls and ghosts at storefronts for treats! Free event coordinated by Sedona Main Street Program plus Costume Contest and prizes in partnership with City of Sedona.www.SedonaMainStreet.com


November 1:

TASTE OF THE VERDE VALLEY– From 1:00 – 5:00 p.m., enjoy perfectly paired culinary creations featuring wines of the Verde Valley, live music and Painted Barrel Auction. Tickets are $20, includes 5 wine or food tastings, complimentary wine glass and a $10 Casino Playcheck. located at the Cliff Castle Casino Stargazer Pavilion. 928-567-7999 www.CliffCastleCasinHotel.com

November 1-2:

DIA DE LOS MUERTOS CELEBRATIONS AT TLAQUEPAQUE– Join Tlaquepaque in Patio del Norte and Patio las Campanas on Saturday, November 1 and Sunday, November 2, to make an offering at the Celebration of Dia de los Muertos. Expand your knowledge of Día de los Muertos through the beauty and creativity of Ofrenda installations by making any personal offering for those special friends, family members or even special pets that might be missed. 928-282-4838 www.Tlaq.com


December 1-31:

HOLIDAY CENTRAL SEDONA: Sedona transforms into a red rock winter wonderland for the entire month of #December with #events, #festivals, and #entertainment sure to enchant everyone. Discover the perfect destination for families and friends to celebrate the holiday season, make memories and create new traditions – all in the most beautiful place on Earth. www.HolidayCentralSedona.com

December 4 – 6:

FESTIVAL OF TREES – Come and Experience the Holiday Trees at #Tlaquepaque. This premiere holiday event at Tlaquepaque begins on Friday, December 4 – The Festival of Trees. Area artists and galleries will have over 45 Christmas trees and Gingerbread houses fully decorated in fun and exquisite ways. Kick of your holiday season with a beautiful themed tree already pre-decorated. 928-282-4838 Tlaq.com

December 5:

TREE LIGHTING & SANTA VISIT– Sedona’s Tree Lighting & Santa Visit is December 5 from 5:00 – 7:00 p.m. at Sedona Center Plaza in Uptown. Enjoy the Tree-lighting, entertainment and Santa visits with children. This free event is presented by Sedona Main Street Program, Sedona Chamber of Commerce and the City of Sedona.  www.SedonaMainStreet.com

December 6:

BREAKFAST WITH SANTA AND JINGLE BELL RUN– December 6, 7:30 – 10:00 a.m., free, at the Sedona Teen Center. Start the morning out right with a short run through Posse Grounds Park, decked with Jingle Bells. The head on in for a free pancake breakfast served by the YMCA. Enjoy crafts, games and face painting courtesy of Sedona Parks and Recreation, and end your morning with a visit from Santa himself! www.SedonaAZ.gov/Parks

December 13:

FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS – The lighting of 6,000 Luminarias. On Saturday, December 13 from 3:00 – 8:00 p.m. This one day event – A cherished tradition which involves the lighting of 6,000 luminarias in Tlaquepaque’s courtyards and walkways at 5:00 p.m. Specially designated Luminarias honoring cancer survivors can be purchased in advance for $10.00. 928-282-4838 Tlaq.com

December 20:

HOLIDAY SWEET STROLL -Discover unique gifts, enjoy sparkling lights, strolling carolers and special sweets at the Holiday Sweet Stroll. Each day, the retailers will open their doors and celebrate the holidays with sweet treats, special give-a-ways, and discount offers. Featuring some of the best boutiques, galleries and restaurants in Sedona, you are sure to find some special presents for those on your gift list. Be sure to stop by and step in our human size snow globe as well as meet Elsa from Frozen. 928-282-4838 Tlaq.com

2015 Sedona Annual Events


January 6 – 11, 2015:

SEDONA WINTER MUSICFEST– Come to the Red Rocks of Sedona and forget the cold with five days of musical activities featuring some of today’s most dynamic and inspiring young artists who are defining classical chamber music for the next generation. Concerts, documentary film, salon, in-school Concerts for Youth and more! Located at the Hilton Sedona Resort & Spa. 928-204-2415 SedonaWinterMusicFest.org


January 31, 2015:

SEDONA MARATHON EVENT: The 10th Annual Sedona Marathon Event will be held on Saturday, January 31, 2015. The Sedona Marathon Event will feature four distances sure to take your breath away: 5K, 10K, Half, and Full Marathon. This scenic race attracts athletes from around the globe to enjoy Sedona’s red rocks up close and personal. “If the scenery doesn’t take your breath away, the hills will!” Registration will open summer of 2014.www.SedonaMarathon.com


February 21-March 1, 2015:

SEDONA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL– Join the 21st Annual Sedona International Film Festival – a nine-day celebration of the best independent films from around the world. Films in all genres are featured: narrative features, documentaries, foreign films, short films and animated films. Plus: Celebrity guests, red carpet galas and more!www.SedonaFilmFestival.org


March 14, 2015:

45th ANNUAL SEDONA ST. PATRICK’S PARADE & FESTIVAL: on Saturday, March 14 along Jordan Road in Uptown Sedona. Free event presented by Sedona Main Street Program, NAU Parks and Recreation Program, Sedona Green Team. Parade starts at 10:30 a.m.; Free Festival follows until 3:00 p.m. SedonaMainStreet.com


Sedona Hotel & Package Specials


Oak Creek Wine tasting

Combine the one of our deluxe King rooms with wine tasting and you get the best of what Sedona has to offer.

The offerCombine the wine tasting and you get the best of Sedona has to offer. Classic Wine tasting begins with 5 tastings and souvenir glasses at Oak Creek Vineyards for your wine tasting delight.

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8/30-11/15 Sun – Thurs $199   Fri – Sat $229


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Riding the Rails

1 Night Stay plus 1st Class Train Tickets for two:

Enjoy a relaxing stay in one of our newly renovated deluxe King rooms with single Jacuzzi tub in your room.

The offerThis special package also includes two 1st class adult tickets on the Verde Canyon Railroad. You will experience the majestic scenery of Sycamore Canyon as you travel from Clarkdale to Perkinsville and back. Your trip will take you near ancient Native American ruins, over old fashioned trestles, and through a 680 foot man-made tunnel into Arizona’s other “Grand Canyon.”

* This package cannot be booked online. Please call 928-204-1146 for availability.

* Not available with other specials, discounts or third party bookings. Rates are based on two people. This special is on a space available basis also as per train schedule.


Through -8/29 Sun – Thurs $295   Fri – Sat $325

8/30-11/15 Sun – Thurs $345   Fri – Sat $375


Jeep Tour


Stay in one of our deluxe King rooms and enjoy a two hour Sedona’s popular Pink Jeep tour to Broken Arrow for two!

This package includes a one night stay in one of our newly renovated deluxe king rooms with a single person Jacuzzi tub in your room, granite shower, flat screen television with complimentary HBO, outdoor patio, microwave, refrigerator. On site pool, hot tub, complimentary Wifi and continental breakfast are also included.

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8/30-11/15 Sun – Thurs $345   Fri – Sat $375


Romance Package

This package is perfect for those celebrating a honeymoon, anniversary, birthday or just a special occasion.

The package includes:

  • Accommodations for one night in our Premium King room with a one-person Jacuzzi tub in your room, gas fireplace, granite shower, mood lighting, and complimentary HBO
  • Luxurious king size Beauty Rest mattress
  • Seasonal Flowers, Chocolates and Champagne/Sparkling Cider
  • Noon Check Out

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